WOLFSTORM - Booth 55061 SEMA

WOLFSTORM - Booth 55061 SEMA

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WOLFSTORM Offroad, an off-road vehicle parts and accessories manufacturer, makes its debut as an exhibitor for SEMA 2021 at booth 55061.

“WOLFSTORM represents our hunger for adventure; embodied through our mission to manufacture the best off-road parts and accessories,” said Dean Chen , Marketing Supervisor of WOLFSTORM. “From adaptable bumpers to LED light bar light brackets, WOLFSTORM was developed through our engagement and support of the off-road and overlanding community. Creating quality, stylish, and innovative body parts is our lifestyle and our passion.  We can’t wait to show you all what’s next!”

Created in November 2020, WOLFSTORM is growing at a rapid pace due to its unique style and durability. To learn more about WOLFSTORM, please visit WOLFSTORM at www.wolfstorm.com.


For Off Road enthusiasts, traversing the land requires 4x4 vehicles with aftermarket body parts, armor and lighting. That’s where we come in. WOLFSTORM Off Road has created a line of unique and innovative products to add function and protection to your vehicle.  Give your off-road beast the aggressive look it deserves to roam free in the wild.


For more information about WOLFSTORM, please contact WOLFSTORM, 13942 E. Valley Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91746, call (626) 369-2121 for a reseller near you, (626) 369-2175 Fax, e-mail service@wolfstorm.com or visit http://www.wolfstorm.com

Contact information


13942 E. Valley Blvd.

City of Industry, CA 91746

Phone: 626-369-2121

E-mail: service@wolfstorm.com

Web site: http://www.wolfstorm.com

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Bruce C. Niles

I bought a tail light kit from Amazon for my 2019 Tundra. From the YouTube videos I’ve looked at, it appears that most Tundras have a 2 prong connector and a 3 prong connector and your kit fits perfectly. My Tundra is a 1794 Edition and the tail light connectors are both 2 prong connectors. ? I ordered the kit from Amazon and will return it. Did I order the wrong one?

robert grandmaison

j ai un tundra 2008 que j aimerais changer les lumieres de freins pour des nouvelles modèle d aujourd hui merci

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