In 2011, the first wild wolf entered California for the first time since 1924. He trekked alone over 1,000 miles southwest out of Oregon, exploring the lush forests, climbing the snow-peaked mountains, and running along the bountiful rivers. He set off on a journey that was not to be finished alone. In search of a mate, a partner and fellow adventurer to form his pack with, he was an Alpha wolf in the making.

Many people don’t understand wolves. There still exists a stigma about wolves as evil and ferocious creatures. But we see and appreciate wolves as survivors who show a great deal of loyalty to their pack. They persevere through tough times, crossing any terrain and weathering any storm, as one pack united.

This is the inspiration for our new brand, WOLFSTORM Off Road. We want to create products that embody the strength and fearlessness of a pack of wolves on their long journey through a perilous storm.

The wolves remind us of the adventuring spirit in every Off Roader. You forge your own path through uncharted territory, unrestrained by a lack of paved roads or bad weather conditions. You may face many trials and obstacles, but your dogged persistence will see you through. Whether pathfinding like a lone wolf, thriving as a member of your pack, or venturing out and creating your own, there is always another adventure to be had.

For Off Road enthusiasts, traversing the land requires 4x4 vehicles with aftermarket body parts, armor and lighting. That’s where we come in. WOLFSTORM Off Road has created a line of unique and innovative products to add function and protection to your vehicle while giving it an aggressive look that will make others think twice before challenging you out in the wild.