Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch with 3/4" D Ring Shackle




Shackle Hitch Receiver
Shackle Hitch Receiver

Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch, 3/4" D Ring Shackle 35 Ton (77,161 lbs) Max Break Strength with 7/8'' Pin (Two Color Options)




3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle Was Made of Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel For Superior Strength and An Industry-Standard 7/8 Inches Screw Pin To Keep It Stability, the shackle hitch receiver fits all the 2" hitch adaptors. The shackle's break strength reaches up to 30 Tons (41,887 lbs)



The D-ring winch shackles are built to handle loads. They are also used as clevis shackles securely with emergency towing ropes, rescue, and tie-downs, connecting easily to any type of winch strap, snatch blocks, snatch straps, and tree savers, designed to work specifically with tow strap hooks, ideal for most car accessories.



The towing hitch fits all standard 2" tow receivers, turning your truck, SUV, or any other vehicle into a towing machine built to resist any kind of harsh conditions. The dual hitch pinhole design allows the D-Ring to swing horizontally or vertically for easy use, ideal for most car accessories.



Two sets of washers are included to reduce rattle noise during driving and to help protect the paint on your vehicle. The removable isolator can be reused, and also protects your bumper's finish From scratches Caused by D-Ring Contact



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